5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography! (Why Is This Not A Bigger Story?)

Posted: January 17, 2011 in The Pentagon

The Pentagon

It’s heartwarming to know that your tax dollars go towards encouraging the prostituting of hundreds, possibly thousands, of children. What a great way to kick off the new year. I’m thrilled to know that these are the men who are keeping the country safe from potential acts of terrorism. 5200 employees might be paying to see children raped, and these are the people we’re losing our homes to maintain our defense budget? Just lovely.

  1. Ian says:

    God sees all and will give each their just reward. He is Just and Holy. But He gives more time for repentance – how merciful. Blessed be Yahweh the Almighty Everlasting Father. Today is the day of salvation. Tomorrow is God’s. Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand.

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