How do we trade imperfection for perfection? Is this even possible? Everything in earth seems to be subject to death, decay and change. Permanence seems to escape us. The more we strive for stability and meaning, the more illusive our quest becomes. In a day and age of incredible ‘connectivity’ we are in a sense more disconnected than ever before. In an age of science, ever-increasing knowledge and reason, we seem to have more questions than answers.

Even truth and morality has become relative rather than absolute. One man’s truth is another man’s poison. So where do we find absolute truth? Does it really exist or do we make up truth as we go along? But if it is true that one man’s truth is another man’s poison, then how can this be absolute truth? Surely absolute truth is, after all … absolute?

Gravity comes to mind. The law of gravity is absolute – even if you do not understand it or believe it. It works every time. Oxygen is another example of absolute truth. We breath it every day but yet cannot see it. I have never seen oxygen and never will, yet we depend on it for life, every minute of every day!

Now – what about God? I have never seen God either. Does this therefore mean that he does not exist? I think not. The evidence of God exists all around us visually in creation itself. Creation is a masterpiece … a work of art … a wonder. The heavens and the earth were created with intent and design.

the human body

Just think of your own body for example:

  • Do you know that in just one square inch of skin in our body, there are around four yards of nerve fibres, one thousand three hundred nerve cells, hundred sweat glands, three million cells, and three yards of blood vessels?
  • Do you know that except for the brain cells, 50,000,000 of the cells in our body die by the time you will complete reading just this single sentence and still amazing, another 50,000,000 cells will have replaced the dead ones?
  • Do you know that an adult heart beats about 40,000,000 times in a year?
  • Scientists have termed liver as the body’s chemical factory. It performs more than 500 functions.
  • Do you know that the central nervous system is connected to every part of our body? 43 pairs of nerves are engaged in the whole process out of which 12 pairs of nerves go to and from the brain and the rest 31 pairs go from the spinal cord. Here’s the kicker – Our whole body has nerves covering a total distance of approximately 45 miles.
  • Messages from the brain to the body travel through nerves at a speed up to 248 mile per hour.
brain power

The best in the universe

’Without a doubt, the most complex information-processing system in existence is the human body. If we take all human information processes together, i.e. conscious ones (language, information-controlled, deliberate voluntary movements) and unconscious ones (information-controlled functions of the organs, hormone system), this involves the processing of 1024 bits daily. This astronomically high figure is higher by a factor of 1,000,000 [i.e., is a million times greater] than the total human knowledge of 1018 bits stored in all the world’s libraries.’

Dr Werner Gitt, in Information: The Third Fundamental Quantity, (reprint from) Siemens Review, 56(6), November/December 1989.

Trading Imperfection for Perfection

As amazing and perfect as our human body is, it is also amazing that this body will not last forever. It, like everything else on the planet, is subject to decay and will eventually stop working. So what does that mean? Is that the end of this thing called ‘life’? Or is it the beginning of something new?

Watch a 4 minute video now to find out how we can trade Imperfection for Perfection

Posted by: Alan Vincent, PropheticAlert


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