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Hold onto your hat –  The Internet Passport is coming! This animated video provides viewers with a look at how the National Strategy for Trusted Identities will work. The goal is to establish identity solutions and privacy-enhancing technologies that will improve the security and convenience of sensitive online transactions by authenticating individuals, organizations, and underlying infrastructures. The NSTIC envisions a cyber world the Identity Ecosystem, that improves upon passwords currently used online to login.

Identity theft and internet security has been a subject for much debate recently as hackers and pirates of the virtual internet ‘sea’ plunder, pillage and rape the identities of hungry internet consumers.

This form of modern day highway robbery does away with blunderbusses, swords and men with masks on horseback. In fact, the raiders do not even leave their home …. Technology has given those with a bent towards the the darker side of their nature, new tools of the trade to loot the personal identities of society at large. Better still, many of these cyber-pirates are disguised as employees of Corporatocracy.

Maybe commercialism is to blame. Most companies sell our personal identities without our consent in any event. But even before they can sell our personal information under the heading of ‘marketing demographics’, we have probably volunteered this information in the first place! I have lost count of how many times I have created passwords, provided my email addresses, post code, home address, date of birth, mothers maiden name e.t.c. online.

I am of the opinion that large corporations themselves are at the cutting edge of internet piracy and have simply legalized it in the name of commerce. Either that, or they have assumed that it is legal because they are not challenged. The deceptive strategies used by these modern-day virtual commercial pirates include downloading and storing small electronic files on our personal computers – little ‘virtual agents’ that constantly scan our pc’s, log keystrokes on our computer keyboards, and report our online shopping habits back to headquarters.

Not only that but these horrible little creatures do not ask for permission. They do not even have to fed or watered. They hide on our PC’s day and night, lurking watchfully for any activity that may be useful to their owners. They are the modern day technological slaves of corporations that want to sell our very soul if they can profit from the transaction.

But never fear! The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace will take care of all that.  This new beneficent entity will ensure that id theft will become a thing of the past. ID thieves will no longer be able to pillage your trusted id because they will provide a trusted id for you in Cyberspace.  The NIST (National  Institute of Standards and Technology) is currently pioneering a voluntary internet passport system. The system is designed to provide consumers with an online virtual passport. The theory is that this will provide world citizens with far greater protection in Cyberspace and guarantee that personal identity theft is a thing of the past.

Call me cynical but I think this is yet another step towards the even greater invasion of our privacy. Although the argument is that there will be no online database monitoring how consumers will use their ‘Trusted ID” online once it is issued to them, I am not convinced. Google, the mother of all search engines, is a gold mine of information and personal data that can be exploited by the powers that be, to accelerate their god-like ambitions for world domination, and implementation of a New World Order that is characterized by total control over it’s world citizens.

The Obama Administration released the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) on April 15, 2011 during a meeting with about 250 business, government, and other leaders at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. NSTIC seeks to better protect consumers from fraud and identity theft, enhance individuals’ privacy, and foster economic growth by enabling industry both to move more services online and to create innovative new services. The video features remarks by U.S. Sec. of Commerce Gary Locke, other Administration officials, and U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski, as well as a panel discussion with private sector, consumer advocate, and government ID management experts. If you have time, you may want to watch this video to get a greater understanding of the scope and implications of this not-so-innocent proposal.

” Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear. “
– Harry S Truman

Posted by Alan Vincent – PropheticAlert