New World Order

Those Who Doubt the NWO Conspiracy…Listen Closely

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the New World Order

  • The Council on Foreign Relations
  • The Bilderberg Group
  • Trilateral Commission
  • New World Order
  • World Government
  • North American Union
  • Military Industrial Complex
  • Federal Reserve fraud
  • Security and Prosperity Partnership
  • Martial Law
  • Freedom to Fascism
  • Big Brother Society
  • Police State

The Obama Fraud: Welcome Back to Reality

Barack Obama is being hailed by his supporters as one of the greatest leaders to ever guide America. He is the voice of hope and change that this county is dying for. Unfortunately, when you look past the side issues and media hype, you discover that there is little meaning to his rhetoric. He is controlled by the same corporate and globalist interests that Bush and Clinton were controlled by. He is a C.F.R. puppet and it is very dangerous to blindly support him. For the record, I hated Bush too.

The false left right paradigm is what got us here in the first place. If you strongly support Barack Obama, please watch this video and comment on how you feel. Give it one star if you want; I don’t care. Just think for yourself.

Internationalists Renew Call for a North American Union

One of the most dangerous and pressing threats to American sovereignty is the proposed creation of the North American Union, a European Union-style amalgamation of the United States, Canada, and Mexico into a borderless, unified continental body. In the United States, one of the main proponents of the NAU has been former President George W. Bush, whose policy of open borders and a lenient approach to immigration is indicative of his desire to erase national borders, under the guise of a “Security, Peace, and Prosperity Partnership of North America.”  More …

Intervention in oil states part of new world order

OUR OBSESSION with the misfortunes on our doorstep have distracted us from the agonies being piled on peoples of other countries by our European and North American allies. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue, with yet more civilians last weekend being slaughtered in Afghanistan on the authorisation of our scheduled May visitor, about whom we are so excited. That same prospective visitor has led a war on yet another country, Libya, under a pretext so feeble as to be contemptuous. And not a word of complaint or even concern by our Minister for Foreign Affairs (do we have a Minister for Foreign Affairs?).  More …

Intervention in oil states part of new world order

There are probably many reasons why President Barack Obama didn’t bother to seek the approval of Congress before committing the U.S. military to an undefined mission in Libya, some of them may even be legitimate and reasonable, but none are more important and more alarming than the fact that the Congress is obsolete under the new world order system.  More …

A Rothschild Plan for World Government

Crisis scenarios are the means by which dictators justify control. The most often cited example is Hitler’s “Enabling Act” in the wake of the Reichstag Fire. Another example is the “Patriot Act” in the aftermath of 9/11. Globalist organizations, behind the usual façade of the most idealistic intentions, such as the Club of Rome, have for decades warned of impending planetary doom unless a world control system of inaugurated.  More …

NWO Busted: Man who exposed Bilderberg reveals conspiracy secrets to EU

Secretive and elite – the Bilderberg group, which unites some of the world’s most powerful people, has been meeting behind closed doors for decades. An investigative journalist Daniel Estulin has just revealed to the European Parliament all he claims to have discovered about the ‘Bilderbergers’, and expects the results of his findings to have the ‘effect of an atomic bomb’.


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