Prophetic News

Special Prophetic Bulletin from Rick Joyner

Disclaimer: I do not agree with Rick Joyner’s teaching about ‘Kingdom Now’ theology (i.e. that Christians are destined to take over the earth, government and wealth before Christ returns). However, this bulletin is very thought provoking and contains important information not only for Bible believing Christians but anyone who calls earth home.

In Part 1 of this Special Bulletin, Rick Joyner shares about the Japanese earthquake, which was prophesied 22 years ago, and how this event signifies the beginning of a worldwide economic meltdown. Rick also shares about another massive earthquake that has been prophesied to hit the west coast sometime after the Japanese shaking. The unraveling of the American economy is coming, and we must prepare. However, this does not mean we are without hope. This is a wakeup call for us, and we can wake up to perhaps one of the greatest opportunities in history for good to triumph over evil.

In Part 2 of this Video Special Bulletin, Rick Joyner speaks about his current strategy for the inevitable economic meltdown. While we have been interceding against these events, they are now inevitable. Many Christians do not want to hear the reality of our current situation and about what is coming, but the only thing that will save us now is true repentance. The spirit of the Antichrist is upon us; are we going to let it thrive here on our watch? We have been called to be the salt and light of the world. Our focus must be on how we can not only survive, but prevail and come out stronger than ever. Although there is catastrophe headed our way, we can still pray for God’s grace and mercy upon us.

In Part 3 of this Video Special Bulletin, Rick Joyner speaks about the coming economic unraveling. This economic meltdown cannot be prevented, nor can we predict the timing, but we can prepare for it and pray for God’s grace. Some practical ways to prepare are to store 6 weeks to 3 months of food and clean water (or water purification products), and go through disaster response training. We cannot respond callously to these warnings, but we do not need to respond with panic, either. We must seek the Lord first and foremost, especially in a time when we are receiving some false information from our leadership. We must not be presumptuous about the coming events, assuming nothing will happen. We are being disciplined because the Lord has not given up hope on America; we have a destiny to fulfill, but we must invite Him back into our country.

Rick Joyner speaks about America’s current “paralysis of analysis” concerning our government and the economy in Part 4 of this Video Special Bulletin. With adjustments to America’s budget, the future of the economy could be changed; but we need strong leadership to help do so. In a time when inflation appears to only be getting worse, we must lean on the leadership of the King of kings. Formulas and rules alone will not teach us the Lord’s voice. We will know His voice just from spending time with Him. Our first major step is to know His voice, but we must also obey it.


  1. heavenly says:

    Rick Joyner is a big jesuit !

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